The sky is falling, the wind is calling. Stand for something or die in the morning. Visions of Harriet Tubman staring at me. Ramogi placed a hex on my future, someone catch me. I’m falling victim to a revolutionary song – the Serengeti’s clone. Everything on TV just a figment of imagination, I don’t want a plastic nation, dread that like a Haitian. We have to stay on beat, because our life’s an instrumental. This is physical and mental, I’ll probably get bashed by pro- mau mau freedom fighters but I won’t sugar coat it. 

Last time I checked, we were racing with Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X quotes; millennial generation so boxed up not to notice efforts of likes of Harriet Tubman. 

I want everybody to view my autopsy, so you can see exactly where the corrupt system had shot me. No disrespect to our prominent freedom fighters but it’s about time we gave credits to the likes of Harriet Tubman of our African History. I wonder if the likes of mekatilili wa menza also got compensation like our Mau Mau older folks. Don’t misquote me, but I’d rather have everyone getting due credit. I have a dream similar will probably be reflected in our nation. I’d rather have a 40 shilling coin casted Koitalel arap Samoei than its current tenant.

No conspiracy, my fate is inevitable.They play musical chairs once I’m on that pedestal.

So get up off that slave ship and build your own pyramids.write your own hieroglyphs. 

Five-star dishes, food for thought. Back to put you backstabbing system, back on your spinal bone; mention tribesmen and women who fought for this independence. Much respect to our politicians, but we need to celebrate those warriors and affiliates of the war who aren’t recognized. The underground tunnel likes of our history. I still call it out a crooked system because folks still think luos came from Southern Sudan, huh! Rather than teaching us likes of Otto Von Bismarck and sugar coating how Cecil Rhodes colonized us; actually actioned a nation with people in it; buh they don’t mention that because it sounds too radical. That’s why they were so quick to shut down Gaddafi. So before you ride branding yourself the nigga word, know those white folks called us monkeys and worse. 

Dear Lord come save me, the devil’s working hard. He probably clocking double shifts on all of his jobs. Sorry I can’t turn the other cheek. 

Welcome to my independence.


Pineapples that are put on Pizza think they’ve made it in life. I see who you really are, moon in a sea of stars. Trust me I see the vision, trust me I you don’t know about me. People who do not know me should quit Google search to get the truth about me. I’m the uncle that don’t do too much of that talking call me young Folarin. 

Every empire should have a cookie position and you are not a boss unless your woman official: and she command attention, that’s why they look at her differently: and she demands respect, and she flexing when she don’t get it. Bachelors say that’s light-skin behaviour

I think it’s more or less, she worried about the bank statement or want a ring and the last name for securities.

 Money can’t buy you happiness, that’s true as hell.

But happiness can’t buy your  ass a new pair of kicks. I love you like the fat kid loves cakes. Adelle- she a diva, keep her name up, keep her wing fly. 


I don’t draw and write for free, I make them for freedom. Don’t believe in kings, believe in the Kingdom. Chisel me into stone, prayer whistle me into song air. Here’s a tab of acid for your ear, you’re the plastic, I’m the passion and the magic in the air.The flabbergasted avalanche of ambulances near, the labyrinth of Pan’s Lab is adamantly here. Fond of finding a way to kindly tell these toddlers toodles

I’m a kamikaze and I’m a kinda cuckoo.

I could write a fvcking book, non-kamasutral. Mama said that I was way too handsome

to be throwing the hand’s son breaking walls like Samson ; but I’ma throw a tantrum until I’m on every millennial hall of fame freedom fighters.

Folks out here trapping a lot, I know you think you on bad and boogie, hiding Reggie sacks in your socks. Please put ya lighter’s up until life is up and light it up.

I heard you talking about respect, yapping about freedom of speech. I’m confused about what’s actually free in a democracy. Eminem called out Trump on the I decided record: “…Trump’s a bitch, I’ll make his whole brand go under….” but Trump/ Govt never clapped back. I’d be intrigued if this ‘freedom’ could be reciprocated in Africa: jamming to a kaligraph record calling out the president. Would he live to produce another one? Naaah I doubt it! I guess freedom ain’t actually free in Kenya. Don’t get me twisted, I’d rather have no one call out colorful words even in disguise of being an artist. Exceptions befall on reppin an ether record forthe culture. C’mon, for the culture your Rockefeller chain don’t hold shit. 

However, what crosses boundaries in search for freedom of expression. Kendrick Lamar on duckworth mentioned : “…..Oh Lamar, hail Mary a marijuana, times is hard…… God is one funny motherfucker……” Really thou? But we all jamming to that project calling out “pull up that verse” ” he’s the GOAT”. No disrespect Lamar is a great rapper but what boundaries don’t one flex though. Buh who am I to judge?

See I believe if God is real, He’d never judge a man. Because He knows us all and therefore He would understand. The ignorance that makes one take his brother life. The bitterness and pain that got him cheating and beating on his wife. Bringing me closer to Heaven’s doors with every step as we speak I’m at peace, no longer blurred on my scope of freedom.

Rogue Bachelor Diaries|summer fling| 

The perfect start for the summer you used to talk way too much, I used to know everything. You couldn’t stand me, I couldn’t stand you. You said I’m steady playing’, but you were steady playing’ too.
Your kid brother foot work, you played big sister Juke. The Rink was our shelter but in that space and time I was too young for you, as you were for me, to be worried about diapers and school. Until I found out all the girls with cooties were cute and realized what booties can do.

 We never rolled at the Rink, we would just go to the Rink.

But when they play “Take You Down”, Chris Brown I am his stand-in. I mean it’s just dancing, it’s harmless as fuck. Then I put my waist through your hips and your legs and my arms just to harness you up. Then we hit the floor all the kiddies stop skating. To see grown folks do, what grown folks do when they grown and they dating. 

Wow, I’m honored that you think this is staged. I’m flattered man, in fact, I’m amazed. Acting like we weren’t more than a summer fling. Promise you won’t cry over spilled milk. Don’t take it personally, I’m surprised you called me after the things you said. 

Sometimes you got to give a homie a little bit of space you know. Got to cool off you know and all I’m saying is like, spoil me with your consistency and you won’t have to worry about a different me. But I think I’m bipolar, I love you then I hate you. So now I press ignore if ever Cupid tried to call up. You had a new clear heart,I guess I was Hiroshima. Try to be Mr. perfect intercontinental, hold up, I’m just more ready than petty nowadays.

Alhamdulillah. Grew with disdain though I hate whoever ain’t you hate when I can’t date you but I also need my space too.

And every woman over 20 wants a perfect man and 20 something women just want someone understanding. 

Notice everything it wasn’t, realizing why it shouldn’t ever be again; Cause in the end its not about what you put in.

Fuck kissing and hugging they love pushing your buttons. New love is so beautiful. Time just makes it ugly.

Open letter |pt3| Social Experiment

I speak of promised lands, warm as my momma’s hands. Running water, endless fields filled with apples with cracked screens and told prophetic stories of freedom taking over the city.

Found warmth in a Black queen for when I get cold. I speak of wondrous unfamiliar lessons from childhood that I suppressed.

Make you remember how to smile good. I’m pre-currency, post-language, anti-label.

J Cole’s prodigy with a Juliani hue. He ain’t heard of me but he’d be proud of me.

I got some ideas that you gotta see, they have never seen an artistic bachelor practice such modesty.

I never practice, I only perform, I don’t perform, I live it, I won’t be reborn.

I speak to God in public, He keeps my hands on pencil and paper. I think we mutual fans.

I used to play scrum half in high school. The people’s champ must be everything the people can’t be.

You must’ve missed the memo, I must be all I can be. Call me Mister Mufasa, I had to master stampedes.

Jesus – ‘ black or white don’t matter, I know I talked to His Daddy. He said you the man of the life now, look out for your dreams. He has ordered my steps, gave me a sword with a crest.

They book the nicest hotels on the 59th floor, with the big wide windows, with the suicide doors.

Ain’t no blood on my money, ain’t no Twitter in Heaven, stop checking for my last seen, ain’t no way you gonn’ find me in Facebook.

I know weed should be legal, ain’t no rehab in Heaven. I know the difference in blessings and worldly possessions.

Like my ex girl getting pregnat with my poetry- though I’m a techie guy, I’m still struggling with words to make it clear that I’m not a poet!

I’m at war with my wrongs, I’m a force to be reconciled.

Many are yelling freedom but slaves in their minds. Watch brick and mortar fall like dripping water, ugh! 

Africa is a Country, Democracy is just hypocrisy – a fairy tale of a place not home.

#1000artChallenge |new post|

Welcome to some of my pencil art pieces I’ve done in support of all women. ( letter to my unborn daughter)

Have a dream and paint it in your own canvas.

Africa is not a country!

Always be on the look dreamer.

Stay positive! Stay real! 

Never feel insecure about yourself.

Never settle!

Keep off bad energy.

Define your environment.

Be responsible! Keep your two- sense.

Embrace your flawlessness and uniqueness.

Its all about you running your life.

Love and never feel inferior to submission.

You alone can turn your smile into a frown. 

Embrace your womanhood.

Love yourself! Stay real ! Be real!

Cc art and narration by Dan Omondi.

Support this art by sharing out wide and if may get in touch to auction one.

Temporary insanity

Maturity in the new Africa isn’t defined by rite of passage as that in the traditional Africa. 

Presently, adulthood is defined by individual behavior to fit in or accepted as equals by one’s peers or of other adults.

This has become challenging for the millennial adolescent; because he or she tends to think adulthood has arrived. They forget the complexity of development process. 

Before one attains adulthood, there are stages an individual must experience to complete the cycle, namely: social maturity, emotional maturity, economic Independence and a guiding philosophy of life and sexuality.

Adolescents need knowledge to cope up with the changed in maturation process. In girls its marked by menstrual period as in boys it’s no less dramatic as one begins to get easily stimulated by a slightest suggestion. 

On both sides, it creates a sense of in restlessness and insecurity among them. Frequent erotic dreams is distressing as girls with inappropriate self image may get easily embarrassed by the large breasts and need to reduce the widening hips.

To the boys and girls in this phase its a private and personal battle, that no soul on earth should know.

It creates a dilemma for the boy child who may now be engaging in masturbation on whether its sinful ad it has been discouraged in the society or just an act of self pleasure. 

The fact is its actually no sin though it causes a sense of guilt. It has been advocated against for sustainability of the society as the ancestors knew if man becomes self sufficient through masturbation, there will be no marriages and new borne for the society. 

The role of sexualization in human sexuality is critical and if parents could view adolescents from this thought then we could all understand its a period of temporary insanity.

The insanity is driven by the uncountable urges that are in contrary with what parents and teachers shun down.

#RogueBachelorDiaries Loose balance. 

Cleansing my soul of addiction for now since its harder building’ trust from a distance. I think we should rule out commitment for now.

 Don’t pick up the pieces, just leave it for now as they keep falling’ apart every time we piece up. Sometimes you gotta give one a little bit of space to cool of you know; and all I’m saying is like, spoil me with your consistency. Always remain the same you and you won’t have to worry about a different me.

I ain’t your boyfriend, but we’ve got an understanding. Titles for soap operas, why are you so dramatic? 

Why are you over-exaggerating with all the chatter. Slapping’ me on my back, hoping that something might happen.

Give me a second or two, that’s why I ain’t messing’ with you. Hanging’ on me so you can holler domestic abuse.

See it’s time that a man roll out. Things have gone awry and you tryna change a man’s role. Never trust a chic just trying to be a side chic. They just fly enough to out-connive the prior one.

But all that bullshit crying got me trying to tell you I’m done! 

Sit and reflect, these imperfections is with us all. You got issues that I won’t mention for now but Just give me a second to cool off.

My heart is way too frozen to get broken.