||RogueBachelorDiaries|| Butterfly effect

I got every right to feel myself, right? I told her I’d pick her up, she said, “Cool” She said, “What time,” I said, “2” Then she asked me what time she’d be back I said, “2:30” She said, “Pssh, like that?” I said, “Pssh, I’ve been like that”

So grab your fayafin pair of ugly shorts ‘cause time’s beautiful and I inspired it, matter of fact I designed it myself. My druggy, I can turn a heartbreak teacher to a cold diva in one session.

I’m trying to keep all our chemistry good, get your confidence and your relevance up in your purse. To younger women it’s better to love. You looking’ at IG, you tell me it ain’t enough ;I literally hit on you 1,2,3 times ought to tell you look good but pretty hurts, but my train of vibes is still trying to get you (ch-ch-choo )

I can define me but if I let my friends do it. I’m in the mirror like “this a product of my skills?” I admit, in this race I tend to struggle to relate in words.


art by Daniel Omondi

Credit: wale; good to great


||Rogue Bachelor Diaries||The Hills.

Jamming, jamming, I just might learn to speak some zulu. I hear everyone talking, so say it twice so I know you actually meant it.
They should put a couple more mirrors in here so I can stare at myself . These are usually just some thoughts that I would share with myself. Debates growing’ ’bout who they think is the best.
But I thought “F**k it”, it’s worth it to share. Everyone trying to pose like they represent the youth, Check the work rate, it isn’t equal .
Let me balance it, let’s tell the truth. I don’t plan on running out of juice. Ain’t no telling lil yatchy I’m finna beyond all that broccoli.I’m about to go Kanye West on my ego, whoosh, I just announced the biggest deal in rap music, let me brag a bit
That’s #lifeOfPablo #lateRegistration #collegedropout #Graduation #SoClear #HatingNeverEverGotYouNowhere #FeelingYeezyToday
Tell me my zone isn’t Pretty? so if man try say he’s better than me, tell i’m about to call Stormzy in the place
This feels like some ego tripping shit 😆. -R’B

VIRTUAL VOMIT ||#RogueBachelorDiaries

If we could role play I would be Adam and every woman would be a bold Esther. Do more than whisper welcome to the church. I don’t want to be outchea jamming words and kidding crying emojies on rape or sexual assault threads. Can’t capture but my conscience ruptures; dare not to choke me with “…her dressing provocative…” Sentiments. Say NO to rape! Say NO to rape excuses! Say NO to sexual assaults! Say NO to symbolising women to sex!

Can I get a NO from the congregation… ?

RogueBachelorDiaries 101 ||Pt.2||

Pt. 2/3

Umesimama sana, lakini cheza chini. Insta stories so fresh, kidole cha gumba; buh! so dramatic kama bikra Koinange.Kama pasta kwa pulpit umestand; kama 125 matwana culture, yengs unabebwa. Sikuizi maisha Sankara lakini usikuje na bima kwa ghetto.
Center of attraction,”sun-kissed” caption, wachia Joe muchiri washa-like.
rule 2 : Real is overrated, peer pressure is overrated, shit is overrated.
Excuse my French;
Jo’ sem’b dhok e’ma telo Jakisera.



Best of both worlds, my druggy is a hybrid. All your exes ought to be a little shortsighted; cause if they never ever saw all the right shit! Never conform.

Shake what your mama gave you (nodding her head in agreement ) These are levels Mr.Right never ungenza achieve.
They y’all childish and should keep on playing with their noses if they dare use the b*** word on you.

This for that insecure girl, your name I won’t mention. On Instagram straight flicking’, girl you are a nipple slip away from stripping’. Might as well, get your clientele up, do you think the buzz in the DM would stop fuzzing if you stop flirting?

You’d be surprised how many truths you can hide in these words. Thoughts keep flashing and I keep laughing; I think I lost my mind round the same time I lost my six pack
But no sit-ups for me.

You’d be intrigued, you ain’t got to back- up-twerk for Kudensi to notice.

Rule 1: Never flaunt about your body count. Stay woke like drake so no secret admirer runs up on your estate, catch you off guard, like the Lil Wayne and Baby shit.

Get yourself a bachelor, scratch that, get yourself a rogue bachelor; we just don’t sound regular.


I know I mentioned I don’t dig all that black lives tag. If you’ve been a patriotic reader you’d noticed; less we Africans stop being looked at us third world blacks.

The recent development on Kap got me thinking though. I’m a terrible judge of character, I know, and don’t understand how these folks in the states work, but I got my whimps on this one. C’mon if it got J Cole, the most rare species on twitter do a thread, its not just a fuss.

Hey, this post isn’t focused on America squabbles but I found its balance in our country and some pretty damn theories.

Lets take a trip down our flag, its colors and symbolism. My take I believe the flag and the anthem pretty much sums up everything that vouches for our ‘patriotism.’ Everything else just doesn’t bring emotional attachment though should. Goes the question, do they represent us, who we are and stand for anymore ? Maybe,maybe not or we’ve just cultivated a system to make it “a symbol of unity” like a right of passage and that’s all?

Green for our ever “green nature” makes us sound such an environmental activist nation to Mr foreigner. Why did then  we crucify Wangari Mathai when she was advocating for this? Oh wait, we were waiting for Mr foreigner accrediting her so that we start noticing? I ponder. What about the Mau lands, naaah to much politics I guess. Living in the city and politicking cover best of our horizons. Do we even have a policy to protect Mrs nature, hmmmm, ban plastic bags and plant one tree every annual world tree day! I still have my woes regardless of how efficient you find SGR , it was an act of rape to our parks.

Red, for the blood shed and sacrifice what I totally agree with but the million dollar story they’ve denied us is how was the sacrifice actually, who sacrificed? Save me from that cheap talk we’ve been fed from GHC to history. Hypothetically if all tribes with the exception of Kikuyu collaborated could have Mau Mau won over the colonialists? The problem is our sacrifice story has been white washed so as not to make us ‘radical racists?’

I’ve lived to celebrate a couple of Jamhuri and Mashujaa days but what everyone waits is to criticize if Raila, Jaramogi or Jommo isn’t celebrated. What happened to our Mekatililis’ , Koitalels’ ? Are they just fiction made up to fill up our curiosity and all the glam and camera goes to the Mr legendary politician? America celebrates their Malcolm X and Martin Luther King but there’s a sacred place for Harriet Tubman.

Where’s the place for our fighters?

It saddens to watch Sarafina a hundred times but your nation has no visuals that show the struggle. Those white colonialists fucked us up that’s it, that’s fact! How do you auction a nation with people, living people on some small newspaper cut!

white for peace in a nation that’s so tribal but use Mr politician as a scapegoat. we’ve constantly lied to ourselves that Luo x trades with Kikuyu y and looks up to Maasai z for tradition makes us a happy nation.

There’s no peace when there’s deep mistrust among ourselves that has now got the government using peace ads to blanket that all is good and sundry.

Black for the people but we constantly chase white man’s validation. But hey I got a take away assignment for you; I believe in my last check of history Raila and Uhuru studied abroad. Quick question did they ever face racial discrimination in any form? Food for thought.

In conclusion, we aren’t that great if we or the system constantly abuses the only one thing that sorts of should act as our symbol of unity.

Are you taking the knee or outchea playing commentary? What makes you own Kenya?

|| THiNK ||

Time to take a stand or watch them snatch our future. Throwing up my hands don’t let them shoot us cause we all we’ve got.

God ain’t put us on the Earth so you get to murder me; so don’t you dare point your weapons at me; seen the pictures, felt the pain, scandalous how they murder us.

 I may not find my way to Kibera but I saw octoppizzo, Muthoni drummer queen and Juliani talk the talk, I feel they are walking with me.

Mothers crying “Stop the shootings”, we don’t have to choke the nation. They are killing’ teens, they are killing’ dreams, they are killing bread winners (It’s murder and less we forget they probably have families and kids who see the state killing their parents and the same preaching peace with live bullets; ain’t that radicalization enough).

Come on folks we got to stick together, because the police are taking shots and I ain’t talking about Konyagi. I’m talking about baby pendo, i’m talking aboutanother “casuality in the crossfire.”

History keeps on repeating itself, like a Biggie instrumental. Kenya’s a glass house and my revenge is mental. We need more than a Kendrick Lamar hook ….” fuck the police”…..
Rather than using my brain, they are throwing stray bullets through the window.

If excessive force was a drug, then the government overdosed. Police holding on the heat;
turned on the news and seen a tank rolling down the streets but they are not here to balance the water rationing.

Cause right now, I challenge you to use your talents to speak up, and don’t you ever let them silence you or be skeptical of the ‘brand’ label. .

Teargassed a kindergarten school, that’s what occurred. Man, that sounds absurd, matter of fact to me that sound like murder!
We want justice !! I’m an African luo and I’m saying it so proudly.

People stressing, protesting, unity is a blessing. So it’s time we come together.

News say we’re looting painting pictures like we are some animals. So let’s just stop flexing then because everybody cares for a minute, then stops. Press are only there for a minute, then stop. Hashtags run for a day and stop!

Martin Luther King had a dream but they ain’t respecting Wangari Mathai out here: and they don’t really respect our freedom fighters out here.

Lights out, go dark – it’s like a nightmare. How do you play the game; guns verses bonfires- they ain’t playing fair!!

I’m a resident of a nation that sees the youth as a problem and blanket the resentments of its people with dumb peace ads.What’s done is done the town erupts in fury and I’m already hearing bout this lopsided jury, the rest another story.

We need to act more worried right now. The revolution has been televised, if I sit here and don’t do a thing, that’s genocide! How do you preach peace to a family that just lost they own? “We got to do something”

All that marching and that peace ain’t going to solve anything.

To hell with it, mom, sorry but I’m ready to rage the next time they dare “another stray bullet” on our home.




Before I grew teeth I had a pen and rubber plotting if I had planted one of my thoughts marijuana would grow .Only class I’m passing is English and business, I don’t know, maybe because they both got commas and then I’m caught in the middle like the line in the math divide signs.

looking for the inspiration that’s already in me. All the confidence I was trying’ to buy in books for myself. Spend all this time for one to say I’m fine. I really should have spent it trying’ to find myself.

I don’t wanna be you, I just wanna be me. I don’t wanna be cool, I just wanna be me. You don’t wanna be cool, you just wanna be them. I don’t like being cool. I ain’t trying to be cool, what’s it like being cool? I just can’t stay cool, I don’t want you to be me, you should just be you.

It doesn’t matter if a wave is rocking Versace or gashiki. If a cool guy shits his shit’s still going to stink. Being cool shouldn’t cost a fortune. It just means you pay less, it don’t make you bae-less. If you don’t get re- tweets, it doesn’t mean you say less.


“……   I just wanna know how a nigga on Instagram and Twitter with fifty thousand followers, ain’t got no money in real life, but still popping, I just wanna know…..I wanna know, if a nigga ain’t really putting it in, but acting like he putting it in…..” ~MEEK MILL.

No matter how wide you stretch your fingers, your hands will be too small to catch all the pain you want to heal.

Don’t you look up to me, don’t trust a word I say. Don’t you end up like me, if you learn one thing today.

Identify yourself with the I!!
Credits: SOX ALBUM; Chance the rapper.


I’ll be lurking for women who resemble perfections. Sending 10 a.m. texts like um, hello good looking hypo-Thetical questions, how do you get all your essence in them?
Make-ups and dresses or I just be tripping?

I love the newness of it, we get closer by the moment. None of us used to something, so my old jokes are working perfect.

Holding your every word and you quoting my older excuses, both of our ex’s issues with both of us now. Hoping our imperfections aren’t noticed or unimportant; We all just rush the feeling, nobody loves the searching , of course we meet our intentions before we meet the person.
But whenever you got lonely, needed some advice: You’d call me your brother, that word is cold as ice!

Conquer the friend zone first, then beat through the bush I wonder? She lives way up in Harlem but she come to me when I call her and she all about her fashion she be working for Vogue but I’m all about my stacking, I been working the blue collar.

My best pick up line : Mama said that I was way too handsome to be throwing the hand’s son breaking walls like Samson.

Ham no burger, many fish for compliments. They set up boundaries and set ups, let downs, and booby traps. Lines for crossing and dotted, I thought pupils dilate my frame. Stepped into a club full of ‘blonde independent girls’ singing Akinyele ! Mama I think I just met me a Madonna.

Left the country side a proff, came back a rogue bachelor; but the clouds never get old.





Lessons, lessons, sometimes you need lord to come rescue. Sometimes you want to get away, cause life getS stressful. I done had it up to here, I felt the pressure but never got me turning up the bottle to deal with depression. Haven’t found too many real ones in groupies, often copped out if it wasn’t down to ride, because Judas could be your best friend & you probably even snogging.

He says go on Folarin, I’mma take you some places. They don’t know where I come from but of course they are going to’ say 12 turned me to a rogue bachelor. It did, cause everyone be plotting and they stories ain’t adding up.

I’m proud of myself, I’mma say it proudly. How are you gon’ beef when you got no broccoli. Sometimes I want to jeopardize it all but I know He don’t want to see me fall.

They say success is the best revenge; Success comes with people telling you: you are not loyal, you changed, you know, you’re not the same no more, you didn’t get here.

Like God ain’t had nothing to do with this?? I mean it just automatically comes with it.
It’s, it’s part of the package (shout to everybody still)

You didn’t change and I changed basically (stand ten toes down) You know that’s basically what it be.

I had a lady once stop me on the street. I was wearing safari boots and she says, “I’m glad you’re sticking with the brown shoes.” She says.
Take this good advice, if they’re gonna judge you, say we can’t always be fly. I’ll be good as long as the safari keeps the Omondi legacy alive.

We’d be on the same pedestal once you figure out why Lauryn hill doesn’t sing.
What’s competition?

Kama ni vela, we manyaru me ma-shash……… “Kuna time ningesema Mola atanipigania, sio Mola pekee hata mi najiaminia……”Born to shine kama kipara ya Ondong’.